Beware the road outside your front door, for it is both old friend and passing stranger.

Meet Loren W. Cooper

-Excerpt fromCrossTown.

Loren Cooper lives in Cedar Rapids with his wife and daughters. He's been publishing books since about 2000. He has an MFA with a teaching emphasis. He loves reading, writing, brewing, martial arts, technology, and his family. CrossTown is his sixth published book.

Chain of Ghosts

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Praise for CrossTown:

AuthorsDen Review:

Reviewed by L.L. Baker 12/7/2017
Sometimes, a reader comes across a book that does not so much take them from their troubles for a brief time but invites them in to shelter by the fire of its words. The story requires savoring as it cannot be appreciated fully by flying through the text. CrossTown by Loren W. Cooper is a story meant to savor. It borrows from many of the elements held dear by readers of speculative fiction from the myths of faerie, sorcery, nanotechnology, and more on the cross-currents of science and fantasy that combine into the story of a man forced on to the path of redemption by opposing forces. 

Zethus, a self-described “spiritual thug for hire,” is a sorcerer who must find the truth of who worked to harm his master and why they sought to harm him in the first place. The setting is a fascinating backdrop of faeries, vampires, ghost, spirits, the technologically enhanced and the things that go bump in both darkness and light. 

Personally, stories that can take old themes or myths and reframe them in an inspired way to tell their tale will always find a receptive audience in this reader. The author does an excellent job weaving the old with the new to tell an inspired, original story. If this sounds like the kind of story that would call to you as a reader, I highly recommend you seek it out. One can only hope there will be future volumes that tell of Zethus’ later adventures. 

Target Reader Review:

If you are looking for an excellent, smart, thought provoking, well written book... look no further. This is an amazing read. As an avid urban fantasy fan, CrossTown is at the top. Even if you aren’t into fantasy, this is worth picking up. Mr. Cooper’s novel touches on philosophy, science, mystery with a dry sense of humor thrown into the mix. It’s hard to put down and hard to find anything to follow up on. It also invites conversations - so if you belong to a book club, this is a novel you will definitely want on your to read list. It is definitely a must read of the year.

Target Reader Review:

This is such a good book, and I urge you to check it out! CrossTown catches you right at the beginning, holding you within it's grasp all the way to the very last word, leaving you wanting to read more. Cooper has a unique writing style, creating a tale of urban fantasy mixed with science fiction, action and adventure. It is a thought provoking story with humor throughout. The characters are well formulated, lending you the feeling that you know them, allowing you to sink into each personality. The story itself twists and turns, keeping you guessing, and surprising the reader with the final outcome. I couldn't out the book down. I'm a hard core reader, and enjoy books in the fantasy/urban fantasy, mystery genres. If you are a fan of writers like Richard Kadrey, Jim Butcher, Simon Green, etc. you will definitely want to pick this book up and read it. It'll leave you begging for more. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Cooper will produce in the future.

Reviewed by Pam LaCroix (Authors Den Reader Review)

CrossTown itself isn’t just the setting of this action-packed novel. It’s almost a character that grows, warps and folds on itself physically and temporally. One of the neighborhoods is described as designed by “the architect Escher.” I couldn’t stop mental images of hands drawing themselves and stairways appearing to ascend and descend at the same time. With its diverse population of sinister, mythical characters it seems a universe that parallels Wyoming’s Hole-in-the Wall of the late 1800’s. 

Zethus, the primary character, is a powerful sorcerer whose ruthless morality continues to surprise. As he travels through this fictional world he encounters beings even more threatening and dangerous than his CrossTown neighbors. He navigates the physical and temporal pitfalls of his quest with equal parts cunning and thoughtlessness. How he evolves as he delves deeper and deeper into the mystery is every bit as important as the solution to the mystery. 

Cooper proves himself a capable manipulator of possibility, probability and reality. The story is fast-moving, exciting and thought-provoking. I happily recommend CrossTown to all lovers of time travel, fantasy, science fiction and alternate reality.

A sorcerer explores the frontier of theoretical physics. 

Calling himself a “spiritual thug for hire,” Zethus has the decidedly science-fictional ability to travel through alternate realities. Thanks to the mind-bending physics theory—made real in Cooper’s novel—that every decision we make creates a new universe, Zethus is able to conduct an investigation into his mentor’s murder that leads him from the Irish folkloric land of Faerie to the horror-novel NightTown, which is populated by vampires, to the science fictional TechTown, suffused with futuristic technology.
Publisher’s Weekly, article “Genre Mashups: Science Fiction and Fantasy"

“…A story of murder and revenge set in a world where anything is possible. Zethus is a sorcerer for hire in CrossTown, a place where the world's infinite possibilities are all available to those who know how to walk the branching Roads to alternate realities. With the help of his Legion of captured spirits, he takes on jobs like banishing troublesome ghosts for pay. But he should have known that a job that offered one golden hour just for meeting with a mysterious messenger was too good to be true. The job tangles him up with the world of Faerie, setting a remorseless hunter on his trail… Sorting out this whole tangle of plots and double-crosses, not to mention saving his own skin, will take Zethus on a journey through the darkest and wildest Ways in CrossTown—and require him to confront some uncomfortable truths about himself…”

Kirkus Reviews, CrossTown Advance Review


"...CrossTown is full of thrilling action, of hidden agendas, of narrow escapes. It is, in short, a lot of fun. But it's also a new version of one of the stories we need to tell ourselves again and again: The hero, wearing one of his thousand faces, seeks the elixir, in one of its thousand forms, and ends up being surprised, elevated, bereft, and consoled. And we, as readers, take that same journey through heights and depths to arrive at contemplation. This is a novel that offers its own answer to the question of what we are to do with the gift, the privilege, of our human birth..."

-Bruce Holland Rogers, from the Introduction to CrossTown


CrossTown is a fascinating mix of mystery, science fiction and mythology/folklore/magic. Loren Cooper let us travel with the flawed sorcerer Zethus as he searches for answers through layers of realities, all connected by a range of multi-level roads crossing within, above, and below the town of the title.   At one point, we encounter the powerful and frightening Fae of Irish tradition; at another, a community of vampires and other creatures of the night; at still another, a future world of high-tech weaponry--and more. The result is a wonderfully woven whole thanks to the story-telling, the pace, and the character of Zethus himself. Here's hoping for more adventures in this fantastic and believable world.

--Wayne Ude, award-winning author of Maybe I will Do Something: Seven Tales of Coyote, Becoming Coyote, and Buffalo and Other Stories.


"In Crosstown, fantasy and folklore wake up in the bed of science fiction... and it works!"

--Bruce Holland Rogers, World Fantasy, Nebula, and Pushcart award winner.


Praise for Other Books

“…THE LIVES OF GHOSTS AND OTHER SHADES OF MEMORY offers sweeping philosophical questions of history and human culture. Comprised of eleven short stories, each is riveting in its intensity, fascinating in its depth, mesmerizing in its narration. Very highly recommended…”

-Wordweaving Review

“…I enjoyed not being able to guess the ending - to be caught up in the rapids of fast moving plot. Story and philosophy in a unique and dark package…”

-Amazon Customer Review, A Slow and Silent Stream

“…In my opinion, this novel is the author's best work to date. Every time I believed I knew everything thoroughly, a twist would be placed in front of me and I would be forced to see it all in a totally new light. There is not a "main character" in this story. The people who are the biggest characters are listed in this synopsis. However, the story is told by following Matthias for awhile, then Hyrn, etc. Well done! I look forward to Cooper's next release…”

-Huntress Reviews, A Separate Power 


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